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Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing by Elissa Heyman

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514 East Palace Avenue

Phone: 505-982-3294

Latitude: 35.685536
Longitude: -105.929920


Healing energy work to help you understand transitions, make decisions and recognize opportunities.


“Elissa has helped me through life’s twists and turns for years, always with practical advice, brilliant insights, and spiritual healing.”
—Terrance S., San Francisco, CA

“... Remarkable clairvoyant, great insight, and practical…Elissa is part of my current success.”
—Paula D., New Jersey, 25-year client

Feedback from recent Santa Fe circles

I loved the circle and the way it all played out, just like it was supposed to. I felt it was a perfect closing to our trip. We both read our letters to each other in the morning. It was very cathartic, we laughed and cried. I’m grateful to share this growth and journey with my best friend. You were a beautiful surprise, thank you!

What a wonderful circle we had last night!  Despite the power failure it all was just magical and so personally rewarding and reassuring for me!Thank you so much for providing your insight and intuition and helping all of us move along in the direction we wish to go, and the one the Universe wants for us!It was important to do the movement part too I believe, it helps cement the ideas and so useful for release of old ideas and habits! Also, it was a very fun evening!  Nice space. With affection and appreciation, Connie

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