To Do in Santa Fe

Downtown Santa Fe overflows with summer flowers.
Downtown Santa Fe overflows with summer flowers.

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To Do in Santa Fe is the electronic version of Brochure Distribution. For the past 24 years, Brochure Distribution has played a primary advertising role for some of the most well-known businesses and organizations in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. By prominently displaying brochures, rack cards, magazines and cultural & arts literature in display racks located in restaurants, hotels, B&B’s, visitor centers, convenience stores, shopping areas and other high foot traffic locations throughout Santa Fe and the surrounding areas, Brochure Distribution provides inexpensive, highly effective print advertising for local businesses and organizations of all types.

Visitors and locals have lots of choices when it comes to things to do in Santa Fe. With literally hundreds of places to eat, drink and shop, and many unique experience possibilities, any business in town would benefit from a proven advertising method, which is exactly what we provide.

With 24 successful years in business, and many clients having been in the program for 15 years or longer, our results speak for themselves. In short, Brochure Distribution is Santa Fe’s most cost-effective form of print advertising. Period. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)