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430 Alta Vista Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87505

Phone: 505-919-8379


Geyser’s mission is to create a safe, supportive sanctuary for individuals seeking viable holistic-wellness options to enhance their ability to better manage and improve their mental, physical and emotional health.

Geyser Holistic Living offers an integration of four basic holistic healing approaches as well as some ancillary services: Quantum energy may assist in healing of physical, mental and emotional issues. This work can be very effectively done long distance as well as in person. Hands-on healing (hot hands) where the healer channels healing energy for the benefit and highest good of the client. Past Life Regression (Future Life Progression) facilitation for those clients seeking healing for unhealthy life patterns. Guided Imagery for Healing - Our Body Release TechniqueTM uses guided imagery which may alleviate symptoms for individuals with chronic pain or discomfort.

Medical Intuitive


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